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In the dining halls and cafeterias of the Studierendenwerk Erlangen-Nürnberg, cashless payment is made with chip cards. At the vending machine stations, you can usually choose between cash and card payment. It does not matter where you study or whether you have received the card from the university or the college or the Studierendenwerk. The system is universal and can be used for the payment function at the university catering facilities of the Studierendenwerk at all university locations in the support area
(You can find an overview of the refectories and cafeterias here).

Please note that in all questions regarding copying (including cashless payment) the university or college and not the Studierendenwerk is the contact person.

Payment cards of the Studierendenwerk

Bezahlkarten des Studentenwerks Erlangen-Nürnberg          Guests                     Students                     Staff


FAUcard(Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg)

FAUcard bzw.

The FAUcard Service Office is the central point of contact for all FAU students and employees regarding FAUcard matters. Tasks include:

  • Issuing chip cards (processing production orders, clarifying problem cases)
  • Taking back chip cards when cardholders leave the university
  • Answering queries about the multifunctional chip card in person during opening hours, by telephone or by e-mail
  • Performing all electronic functions related to the FAUcard (card production and issuance, card blocking, requesting replacement cards, etc.) for employees without their own computer access

OHMcard (Technische Hochschule Nürnberg)

Further information from the Nuremberg University of Technology on the OHMcard can be found here.

ANSBACHcard (Hochschule Ansbach)
Further information from Ansbach University of Applied Sciences on the CampusCard can be found here.

INGOLSTADTcard (Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt)
Further information from Ingolstadt University of Technology can be found here.

KUCard (Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt)

Further information on the use of the functional scope can be found here.


Electronic Purse

This is a rechargeable electronic purse on the chip in the card body, which allows payment in the dining halls and cafeterias and at the beverage and snack machines of the Student Union Erlangen-Nuremberg. The card is a so-called contactless chip card with an antenna in the card body, which connects to the respective card reader. For payment transactions, for example, the card must usually be placed on the reader or held very close (less than 5 cm) to the card reader (e.g. at drinks machines) or inserted into it (e.g. for copying).

At some universities or colleges, the credit can also be used at various acceptance points, e.g. to pay for photocopying, library fees, etc. For more information, please contact your university or college.


Payment function in the area of university catering

You can check and increase your credit at any time at one of the numerous revaluation machines. Revalidation machines are located in all dining halls and cafeterias of the Studierendenwerk. In the larger facilities, you also have the option of checking your credit and the validity of your card at separate reading terminals. For the revaluation process, insert your card into the displayed input slot. At first, the machine will only show you the current credit. You deposit an amount up to 100 euros with 5-, 10-, 20- or 50-euro bills by sliding the bills into the designated money entry slot. The amount will then be credited. Important! Only remove the card from the revaluator after the new card balance has been displayed (wait for the booking process).

In the picture: revaluation machines

Repeat this process every time you want to "revalue" your card, i.e. increase your credit.

Note: Only guest cards can be purchased at the guest card machines and NOT returned. Guest cards can either be returned and the credit paid out only at one of the two main cash desks in Erlangen (Langemarckplatz 4 - Studentenhaus) or Nuremberg (Andreij-Sacharow-Platz 1 - Studentenhaus), or you can send the card directly to the Studierendenwerk Erlangen-Nürnberg. Guest card machines are located in the Langemarckplatz and Südmensa dining halls in Erlangen, Mensa Insel Schütt and Mensa Regensburger Straße in Nuremberg, as well as in Eichstätt and Ingolstadt.
After you have made your selection in the refectory or cafeteria, you place your card on one of the readers at the "cash register". The cashier types in the components of the selected meals and on the digital display you will see the individual prices of the meals, their totals and the final amount that will be charged to your card.

 In the picture: chip card reader

Then take your card again. To avoid queues, please make sure that there is always enough credit available on your card! Cash payment or topping up at the cash desk during the meal service is excluded.

Note: The advertised prices for students and staff are only valid for cashless payments. In cases of cash payment, the price for guests is usually charged. We are required to do this due to the obligation to provide proof of grant usage or correct revenue recognition.


Recharging the chip cards via EC card or girogo

  • The topping up of chip cards (Studierendenwerk wallet) via electronic-cash is currently possible at eleven locations with a total of 23 devices. At the same time, it is also possible to top up with cash (banknotes) at most locations. (Overview of all locations).
  • The minimum revaluation amount is 10 € for a revaluation with EC card or 5 € for a revaluation with cash.
  • A maximum revaluation of 50 € is possible for a revaluation with EC card.
  • Important! Only remove the card from the revaluator after the new card balance has been displayed (wait for the booking process).
  • All revaluations are carried out using the EC-cash procedure, which involves a PIN query. Except for the last 4 digits, the printout of your account number on the optionally available receipt is encrypted (XXX).
  • Payment will be rejected in case of card blocking and/or insufficient account coverage or exceeding the daily and/or weekly limit of the EC-cash card.
  • A generated debit on your account cannot be returned.
  • With the girogo function (NFC) of your bank or savings bank card, you no longer need to hand it over (for more details on this procedure, please contact your bank). Payment is made via the chip's prepaid function by holding the card in front of the payment terminal - without entering a PIN. A PIN query can be activated on a random basis.
  • International payment methods such as vpay and maestro are supported.
  • If accepted, the service will be further expanded.

Upgrading by EC card or girogo at checkouts is not planned.

Upgrading with credit cards (Mastercard, Visacard, etc.) is possible.

You can find an overview of the valorizer locations here.


Dealing with the Mensa card

In order for your card to perform its functions permanently, you should handle it with care:

  • Store the card in a sturdy plastic cover.
  • Do not bend the card (risk of chip and antenna breakage!)
  • Avoid permanent curvature of the card
  • Protect the card from high temperatures and external electromagnetic fields (e.g. do not place it in the glove compartment or on the storage surfaces of your car or on electrical devices, amplifiers, etc.).
  • Avoid damaging external influences, e.g. liquids (accidentally washing the card while doing laundry) and dirt.

Data protection and data security

The following applies to all chip cards in use in the area of the Studierendenwerk:
The Studierendenwerk has no access to personal data of students or employees. Therefore, no personal data can be stored when using the card in the area of university catering. For the payment functions of the Studierendenwerk, only the following chip characteristics are queried: User group (students, employees, etc.), wallet balance and validity period. A consolidation of the data at a central location is not technically implemented and is not intended.


Non-personalized chip cards - student, staff and guest cards issued by the Studierendenwerk - have a limited validity. This is three years for students and five years for staff. After this period has expired, the cards can be renewed at one of the two main ticket offices with proof of the appropriate authorization. Guest cards are not subject to any limitation due to the fact that they are not subsidized.

Personalized smart cards must be validated at the beginning of the semester at the respective university so that the validity of the wallet is automatically extended for another semester.

Card blocking

Please note: The chip card is part of your cash balance - losses are usually not replaced!

However, you have the option to have the card blocked. To do this, you need to provide us with your card number (wallet number). After a longer period of time (about five weeks) the remaining balance of the blocked card can be credited to your new card.

The effects of blocking your card's wallet mean that it can no longer be used for any of the Studierendenwerk's money-related services.
In addition, other blocking reasons or functional restrictions apply to the respective universities or colleges.

Please contact the respective card issuing office of your university or college for any further questions.

Repayment of card balances

  • Claims arising from the card contractual relationship and its termination for payment of any remaining balance on the card must be asserted against the main cashiers of the Studierendenwerk. Please note that the communication of the correct wallet or card number and the presentation of the card in question are mandatory requirements (the wallet number is not the same as the matriculation number, but is printed on the card). Failure to provide the wallet number will result in forfeiture of the right to reimbursement.
  • In case of loss, any credit balance on the card will not be refunded.
  • An application for a credit refund can also be made by mail to the house address mentioned in the imprint. Cards issued by the Studierendenwerk before 2014 are generally no longer accepted. The cards can be recognized by the full yellow, white and green printing.
  • The above applies to refunds of remaining balances on cards issued by a university or college.
  • Returned cards will be retained and the wallet number blocked.
  • Guest cards are pawned and may be returned at either of the two main ticket office locations or by mail.

The locations of the main ticket offices are:


Student House
Langemarckplatz 4
Tel (09131) 8002-58

Current opening hours can be found here.


For more information on university dining payment features, click here:

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