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Day care centers of the Studierendenwerk

The Studierendenwerk operates three of its own daycare centers in Erlangen and Nuremberg for children between the ages of one and three. Preference is given to children of student parents. The daycare places for children of student parents are offered by the Studierendenwerk Erlangen-Nürnberg at very reasonable prices.

Admission requirement at favourable conditions for students is the enrolment of at least one parent at a state or state-recognised higher education institution in Bavaria (a student union fee must be paid).



Allocation of places and further information:
Kita administration, phone +49 (0)9131 / 8002-65 and -69,

Office hours: Mon-Thu 08.30 am - 12.00 pm



Registration only via the Kita-Portal of the City of Nuremberg:

Further information:
Kita administration, phone +49 (0)9131 / 8002-65 and -69,
Office hours: Mon-Thu 08.30 am - 12.00 pm


You can find the data protection information for the application here


Requests to change the time of care

If your child already has a place in one of our daycare centers and you would like to change the time of care, this is possible with a lead time of two weeks to the following month, if a written application with the form "Buchungsbeleg" is submitted to the daycare center administration of the Studierendenwerk Erlangen-Nürnberg and this has been positively decided.

Form request for change of care time / booking voucher KiKriKi

Form request for change of care time / booking voucher KraKadU


Parents' initiatives

In addition, the Studierendenwerk in Nuremberg and Eichstätt supports daycare centers run by student parent initiatives.



  • Villa Kunterbunt e.V.
    Prinzregentenufer 45
    90489 Nürnberg 
    0911 / 58 80 47 95  


Cooperation / Networking

Professional support from the organization and its counseling centers, such as the Psychological-Psychotherapeutic Counseling Center and the Social Counseling Center, as well as a mutual exchange of information form the basis for the optimal care of the children entrusted to us.

Our organization is closely networked with a total of 56 other German student and student services organizations.

We are networked with:

  • the universities affiliated with us
  • the Family Service of the Friedrich-Alexander-University (FAU)
  • the university service for family, equality and health of the TH Nuremberg
  • the responsible youth welfare offices
  • the Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband
  • specialized services and the early intervention center

Since 2017, we have participated in the pedagogical quality support in daycare facilities (PQB) of the city of Nuremberg.

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