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Opening and booking hours

The facility is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Parents can set individual daily booking times for their child. The following models are available:

4 - 5 hours

5 - 6 hours

6 - 7 hours

7 - 8 hours

The core time is between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm.

The booked number of hours may not be exceeded on a weekly average. There is also the possibility to adjust the booking time on a monthly basis (with at least two weeks notice).


The monthly childcare costs depend on the selected booking time and are as follows:

                        For students:           For non-students:

4 - 5 hours          170,- €                     312,- €

5 - 6 hours          187,- €                     368,- €

6 - 7 hours          212,- €                     424,- €

7 - 8 hours          238,- €                     480,- €

* who are enrolled at a university in Bavaria and pay a student services fee there.

Additional costs include a monthly fee for diapers, breakfast and lunch.


The facility offers a playroom with climbing facilities, a large reading corner and an aquarium. Another room, which is also used as a bedroom, is available as a playroom. A bathroom with changing table and child-friendly equipment and a kitchen with dining area and integrated office of the pedagogical director are also available.

Directly in front of the door is a play area suitable for small children and protected.


A trusting team situation is the basis for professionally competent work. To ensure this, joint team meetings are held at regular intervals. Here we reflect on the pedagogical work, plan upcoming events and discuss organizational matters.

Furthermore, continuous training and further education of the staff is important to us. All team members have the opportunity to regularly attend further training courses in addition to those required by law.

There is a regular and intensive exchange between the Studierendenwerk Erlangen-Nürnberg and the pedagogical staff. This guarantees rapid and situation-oriented action for the benefit of the children.

1 educator as head of the day care center

1 educator

2 nursery / nurse

1 intern / trainee

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