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When moving in or out, if you have any kind of technical problem or if you would like to know more about life in our halls of residence, our caretakers are the right people to ask.

The caretakers of our halls of residence present themselves (name, photo, telephone number and fax number) on the homepage of each building. We recommend contacting the caretakers by telephone, from Monday to Friday 1p.m.-1.30p.m. (regular office hours, but not in Ansbach and Ingolstadt), but since our caretakers are often responsible for more than one hall of residence, it might be difficult to get hold of them even during their office hours. In case of absence, for example because of holidays, our caretakers stand in for each other. Please note the announcements in your hall of residence. You can often also contact your caretaker directly via fax.

Please bear in mind that not all of our caretakers speak English.

Please also note that the caretakers cannot provide information regarding your tenancy agreement, or tenancy. Instead, please contact the staff members of the WohnService in charge.

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